An active social life


FIFA Worldcup, FIFA 11, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Active 2... All these games had stronger social and online features than ever before and they kept us quite busy last year.

We love working on these major titles every year, but were also happy to work on some fantastic new games such as EA Create, online games for Facebook, Hyves and other social networks, and many great download games for PlayStation Network.

Apart from these creative projects, we've been working on a few technically challenging business projects, such as step-by-step instruction modules for advanced mobile phone features. This combination of creativity and technical know-how is what keeps us ticking!



We've had time to relax a bit after wrapping the Dutch localizations of new games in EA franchises such as EA SPORTS Active, FIFA 10, and NFS SHIFT (along with some other cool games we're not allowed to mention). As usual, though, we couldn't kick back and relax for too long. We're already working on new business software titles and games and are looking forward to some fascinating new projects in the peak. 



In 2009, more international game publishers found us and are now using our services to get their products localized into Dutch. We're smack in the middle of summer peak and welcome the opportunity to work on new games and genres.

Needless to say, we're still passionately working on fabulous franchises such as FIFA and Need for Speed that have been with us for years.