New business and game opportunities


In 2011, we've dealt with huge volumes of text, both for the software industry and the gaming industry.

On the business side, we worked on the latest Dutch versions of leading scanning solutions for document management, document imaging, and PDF creation. We also crossed new borders and are now localizing mobile phone instructions and tutorials into eight European languages.

We've been equally busy with challenging game localization. We completed work on major titles for AAA publishers (sorry, confidential), including a few that required full voice localization. Of course, we also continued working on our favorite EA franchises, wrapping both FIFA 12 and Need for Speed The Run.

To deal with increased volumes, we have expanded our linguistic teams with eager and experienced professionals. So we're ready for whatever 2012 may bring!

Technical challenges and creativity


We've been working on a few technically challenging localization projects, such as step-by-step instruction modules for advanced mobile phone features. These instructions are translated into multiple European languages and require a concise and objective style and extreme cross-project consistency.

We also worked on major game titles, including FIFA Worldcup, FIFA 11, NFS Hot Pursuit, Active 2, and EA Create, some online games for Facebook, Hyves and other social networks, and many great download games for PlayStation Network. 

Complex technical projects and enticing game translation - it's this combination of technical know-how and creativity that keeps us ticking.

Active and kicking


We've had time to relax a bit after wrapping the Dutch localizations of new games in EA franchises such as EA SPORTS Active, FIFA 10, and NFS SHIFT (along with some other cool games and business software we're not allowed to mention). 

As usual, though, we couldn't kick back and relax for too long. We're already working on the localization of new software titles and games and are looking forward to some fascinating new projects in the peak.