Fleet of flagship products


In 2015, we had the honor of localizing a few flagship products into Dutch for one of our favorite clients. We travelled to an alternate steampunk reality of London to battle half-breeds and also completed translation work on an acclaimed RPG in a gothic medieval setting, where we took on even more fearsome and bloodthirsty creatures. All of this seemed child play compared to the survival horror game we localized afterwards. We provided full ingame translations and Dutch subtitles for a hair raising nightmare, where gamer decisions determine who lives and dies.

Luckily, to lighten things up and rinse away the blood and gore, we also localized some PlayStation Vita games, working up a galactic sweat with world famous toons, and toying around with gravity in a Japanese blockbuster. 

We're currently getting geared up to localize some other products for the Netherlands, and are also very excited to start working with some new clients later this winter, but for now all of this is still very hush hush. More news later!